Lucid by Adrienne Stoltz and Ron Bass

The ending of this book was so BRILLIANT. It totally threw me for a loop and the way the insanity was written was very clever and really made me feel as if I were going insane as well. I loved, loved, loved the last 30% of this book. The problem was in the first 70%. The whole first half of this book was so boring. It took me so long to get into. It was just two girls struggling with boy troubles, and nothing really seemed to matter much. I didn’t really care about them. I thought they were both being stupid and childish, and I was really disappointed in the book in the beginning because I had had such high expectations going into it. 

But then the last bit happened.

So I’m torn, because this book did leave me with a crazy ‘what the fuck’ grin on my face that I absolutely love from books, but the first half was so dull that if I didn’t need to keep on track for my challenge, I would have put it down.

I suppose the ending did mostly make up for it, but I do wish the beginning had had more of the elements that the end did, because that part was amazingly well written and put together.

3.5 Stars Out of Five

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